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Our Mission

To act as a catalyst of change to bring about health and education of under – served communities through an approach to healthcare and education empowerment.


The Education Program makes grants to improve education.we provide standard education to the local and illiterate section of the community.


Our mission is to simplify public and private health insurance eligibility information in order to help more people to access coverage.


CRSP helps those in need at home and around the world. During times of disaster, your Foundation ensures timely and effective aid by working with CRSP main organization.

Find a need and fill it

We do charity for whole human race, that is the true test of humanity

Latest News

ByCRSP Apr 1, 2018

CRSP organized seminar on,,,,,

Chitral Rural Support Program( CRSP )Organized a Seminar on Health and Hygiene,which was chaired by Dr Sajad and Dr. Imran. Seminar discussion w

ByCRSP Mar 17, 2018

CRSP Organized meeting on…

Chitral Rural Support Program(CRSP) organized Meeting in Gohkir Bindo gol valley regarding disaster risk reduction policy. Rising awareness of di

ByCRSP Mar 3, 2018

Chitral Rural Support Program(CRSP) organized Women Empowerment Seminar in Buraj Al Swat Hotel

 During Seminar .  Empowering the rights of women.  CEO group photo with members.

ByCRSP May 22, 2017

CRSP organized Meeting in Gohkir Bindogol valley regarding disaster risk reduction policy.

CRSP organized Meeting in Gohkir Bindogol valley  Rising awareness of disaster risk reduction and improving the watch groups response to the na

ByCRSP Jun 23, 2016

Flood Disaster in Chitral

The historical profile of natural disasters in Chitral is stuffed with major natural events with varying degrees of loss to human and material.

ByCRSP Jun 22, 2016

Health & Nutrition

We’re in the business of ensuring that children grow up healthy and enjoy a happy childhood. Even today, almost 5 lakh children in India die

ByCRSP Jun 22, 2016


Education is a gift for life. We help children reach school and stay there. We help children unlock their potential and realize their dreams.

ByCRSP Jun 22, 2016


Emergency response has always been at the heart of Save the Children’s mission. Save the Children is committed to reducing children’s.